• June 25, 2022
Transfer And Relocation

Transfer And Relocation

Moving furniture to Kuwait: what happens when we move to a new house?

Transfer And Relocation

Transfer And Relocation-This is the first time you’ll be able to wander around using porcelain, chandeliers, and other items that can break. All those clothes, even if I don’t know how to pack good or dangerous things. We are here to say that it is not difficult. Keep reading the complete instructions on packing things in a piece of cardboard until your perishable home arrives. Transportation of furniture in Kuwait

Transfer And Relocation: it is best to have plenty of cartons

Transfer And Relocation

When it comes to packing broken items, it’s better to have a lot of cartons than not enough cartons and know what to do. Filling the carton with glass objects creates real stress, which causes damage and destruction.

Also, old cardboard boxes may contain lightweight items such as clothes, but they are not good for glass, and make sure the cardboard you receive is sturdy.

The problem with glass items is that if you don’t install them properly, they will connect during transportation. Transportation of furniture in Kuwait

To prevent this from happening, the packaging process must be approached responsibly. Wrap everything in two layers of foil and then, for added security, wrap the foil in two layers.
Cover with a small amount of duct tape and place on cardboard to cross.

Moving furniture in Kuwait: Important and Specific Tips and Advice

Transfer And Relocation
  • Transfer to Kuwait: The above rules are more general rules for powdered glass containers. There are a few rules to keep in mind, such as plates, cups, lamps, and photo frames.
  • To start wrapping it, for example, on boards, place each plate in bubbles, then place a layer of paper between each plate and place it vertically in a cardboard box.
  • You need to put one layer of paper on top of the board and another on the bottom, don’t fill the cardboard too much, as the spikes can be heavy.
  • Also, leave room on top of the cardboard.
  • Glasses: the main factor in the contents of the carton. Cover each cup with paper. Place the pancake paper in a cup. Cover the cardboard with paper. Also place the paper on the bottom and top of the box.
  • To make room for multiple cups, you can place them on top of each other (if they are round). If you do this, place the light cups back on top and heavy cups on the bottom, do not fill the bowl. And don’t forget to leave space for it. Furniture transportation in Kuwait
  • For lighting, the curtains of the lamps are weak, but not glass. They should be packed in cardboard boxes separate from the base. Cover the lamp screen with paper and place the cardboard flat.
  • Place the bases on a large piece of cardboard and place them in a large balloon to secure yourself.
  • As with other glass jars, you can glue the photo frame to the cardboard wrapping paper, first using the wrapping paper, and then place the paper on each frame.
  • After the carton is filled with wheels, fill it with more paper anywhere and place it on top. This will interfere with your movement.

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