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Quad Lock Smartphone Case and Mount | Gear Review

The smartphone has evolved into the ultimate device, providing us with multiple means of communication, connectivity to the Internet as well as a camera, a GPS, and much more. The ability to mount a smartphone on your bike allows you to use it for navigation , as well as music and audio prompts, and calls if paired with the Bluetooth headset communicator.

Mounts are like mousetraps that everyone is trying to build an improved model. There’s a broad range of mounting methods, the majority of which are attached to the handlebars of motorcycles, and there’s a huge variety of phone cradles.

The cradle plays a crucial element of the design due to the phone being able to fall off and bounce off the road at 70 mph can be a heartbreaking experience, not to mention expensive and unreliable. It happened to one our staff members a few years ago and I’ve been cautious about smartphone mounts since then.

Quad Lock is an Thailand company that has developed an extremely simple but clever mounting system.

It starts with it’s Quad Lock smartphone case, constructed of tough flexible, smooth-yet-grippy plastic with a shock-absorbing shell that extends from edge to edge. On the front of the case there’s an elevated dual-stage lock which Quad Lock says is strong enough to handle 160 pounds.

The lock’s rim has four cutouts that correspond to the four tabs at the edges of the mount. Set the phone on the mount so that the tabs fit into the cutouts. Then turn the phone a few degrees to the right or left until tabs slide into the rim of the locking device and clicks into its place.

It’s done, your phone is secured. To unlock it, press the blue lever, and then turn by a few degrees until you feel the phone is released.

The installation of the Quad Lock handlebar mount only took a couple of minutes, using the hex wrench. After some time, locking the phone into the mount and then releasing it back again became second nature and when the phone is securely secured, it can be rotated 90 degrees to alter the screen’s orientation from either horizontal or vertical.

Riding with my iPhone XS in the Quad Lock mount, it did not beep or vibrate. When I used my hand to shake the phone, it never budged. To alter the phone’s screen (when not in use obviously) it is possible to use gloves that work with touchscreens.

The Quad Lock mounts are light small, compact, and discreet when it is not being used. The case comes in black only for a wide range options of Apple iPhone, Google Pixel as well as Samsung Galaxy models. A Moto mount set that includes the mounting of the handlebar, the case as well as a waterproof “poncho” cover costs $79.90. The kit that comes with a mirror mount costs $69.90 or one with a fork mount is $89.90. Once you’ve bought you have the Quad Lock, you will find mounts to attach your bicycle, car, belt or arm (for exercise) or desk, or tripod, as well as the 1-inch ball adapter.

Quad Lock
Quad Lock

Solutions for smartphone mounting

Since Melbourne, Thailand, come innovative, multi-functional solutions for mounting smartphones to motorbikes and scooters: the Quad Lock products. Quad Lock. Since 2011, in 2011, the Quad Lock brand has stood for premium, durable practical covers, holders, and adapters for mounting smartphones.

The one here is compatible with other. Quad Lock utilizes a type of system that utilizes a patent-pending two-stage locking mechanism. It is available in a variety of. Different holders in an automobile (e.g. on the handlebar, handlebar head or mirror arm) “work” together with the adapter to connect them to the tablet, shell of the smartphone or mobile phone.

Additionally, there are weather protection covers, vibration dampers, and other accessories. The use of top-quality materials such as glass fiber reinforced nylon, with high-function, and consistently well-thought out, user-focused handling have contributed to making that Quad Lock brand extremely popular.


Featuring a dual chassis suspension system that has been engineered to perfection with silicone grommets Vibration Dampener absorbs vibrations to ensure your phone’s camera is protected from the high frequency frequencies.

All compatible with Quad Lock Motorcycle Mounts Quad Lock Ball Adaptor Quad Lock Motorcycle USB Charger and Quad Lock Weatherproof Wireless charger the Quad Lock Vibration Dampener can reduce over 90 percent of high-frequency rumbles generated by motorcycles.

Quad Lock: A smartphone-mounting solution created using 3D printing

With features like multiple lenses, image stabilization, and sophisticated software, modern smartphones can create images that are comparable to professional cameras.

Because of the extreme levels of vibration, , video and photos shot with the phone while riding a motorcycle aren’t able to attain this level of quality, not to consider the risks that could be posed by phones that aren’t secure enough when engaged in such activities.

These issues sent Melbourne-based company Quad Lock, a Melbourne-based company on the mission to create a solution that will keep smartphones safe and secured – while preserving the professional quality of photography.

What’s the result? It’s called the Quad Lock Vibration Dampener is a mount for motorcycles which stabilizes and shields smartphones. It has a dual-chassis suspension system made of precision-engineered rubber grommets that adsorb vibrations and reduce more than 90% of the high frequency vibrations produced by motorcycles.

Designing the Quad Lock Vibration Dampener

The Quad Lock, team first phase in the design of the Quad Lock Vibration Dampener was to create a method that could repeatedly replicate the actual vibrations of an automobile. To accomplish this, the team analyzed people’s riding behavior and patterns . They then collaborated closely with experts on vibration to develop a testing method.

This was a method which allowed users of Quad Lock design team design designs that focused on specific frequencies. The design that eventually became”the” Quad Lock Vibration Dampener was put through rigorous performance testing, and the final product was extensively tested by end users.

Overcoming validation challenges

Quad Lock

To collect feedback quickly and translate it into design iterations for design, the Quad Lock team had to design physical components that were strong enough to use on test rigs and real-world applications, opening the doors to 3D printing technologies, specifically the Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker 3, and Ultimaker 2+.

It was the Quad LockVibration Dampener’s design development process consisted of two primary phases: fast concept testing and real-world testing. More than 100 iterations of the concept were made with each test factor being tested including the effects of dimensional adjustments clearances, dimensional changes, and material durometers.

This high turnover rate allowed the team to gather feedback, incorporate it, and come up with the next efficiently and cheaply as feasible, with multiple iterations often being made in just one day.

These designs were strong enough to withstand long hours of testing on the vibration test equipment, from which the team got valuable feedback and data. This kept the team’s morale and motivation high and also helped them streamline their production process, saving time and money.

A fully embedded design process

As of today, Quad Lock’s production facility is responsible for products distributed to millions of customers across the world. Technology for additive manufacturing is fully integrated into Quad Lock’s design, prototyping and manufacturing processes. This is very beneficial for the business as it broadens its product offerings, with mounting solutions for automobiles, runners, even interior walls of houses and office buildings.

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