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9 -MDPEP / Buy MDPEP / MDPEP for sale-Different databases have been used to search a wide range of literature across different databases, especially for artificial ketones that emerged between 2014 and 2017.

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More than 30 new derivatives of catechins have been discovered. Existing parent compounds are also called new derivatives and their mass spectral data are tabulated to facilitate identification by forensic toxicologists.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the last review that introduces new synthetic catechins. The political authorities should take steps to establish and implement the General Program (complete system) rules for the control of various modified synthetic catechins. Updating the existing database with new findings can greatly facilitate the forensic toxicologist’s efforts. Buy MDPEP / MDPEP

Introduction to MDPEP / Buy MDPEP / MDPEP for Sale

MDPEP / MDPEP Buy / MDPEP for Sale is one of the biologically active alkaloids found in Kat bushes (Ketha Adolus). Due to its psychological properties, khat has been known and used since time immemorial by the inhabitants of East Africa and the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula.

In many regions, chewing on freshly harvested crib leaves (releasing catechins that affect the central nervous system) is considered a matter of local culture and tradition.

Because of their structural similarity to amphetamines, catechins and their analogs are often interpreted as “natural amphetamines,” and the only structural difference between amphetamines and catechins is the carbonyl group at the ن position of the catechin side chain. There is a presence. Catechins and their analogs, like amphetamines, have stimulating, aphrodisiac, and sympathetic properties …

Because of their effects on the central nervous system, the first synthetic catechin derivatives were invented for medicinal purposes in the early twentieth century but began to gain widespread attention around 2000. Psychological compounds are described as “legal drugs” or “drugs”. design “.

Over the past 15 years, catechin derivatives have gradually evolved from so-called smart stores, the Internet, and from advertising to pharmacies, for example, into “fun products” or “perfumes”. They have become available.

Synthetic catechins are often sold in the form of a white or colored crystalline powder and rarely in the form of tablets or capsules. In the past, products containing active ingredients from the catechin family have been advertised as “plant nutrients”, “bath salts” or “research chemicals”.

These days, the same products are often referred to as “lice repellent”, “driver’s charm”, “sand raising” and “bidet treats”. Often these drugs contain a combination of two or more catechin derivatives along with other new psychoactive substances such as caffeine, lidocaine, or benzocaine. Buy MDPEP / MDPEP / MDPEP for sale.


The structure of the first synthetic catechins was still constantly changing so that many new derivatives appear on the illegal designer drug market every year. Under these circumstances, the identification of these compounds and the creation of a pharmaceutical library with new structures and their physicochemical and pharmacological properties becomes an analytical task that is equally important for chemists and toxicologists.

All synthetic catechins are derived from natural catechins and can be assumed to be derivatives of phenylalanine, which is structurally similar to the carbonyl group of amphetamine molecules, resembling an aromatic ring at the α-position of the side chain. Today, catechin derivatives can be divided into four groups. Group 1 includes N-alkyl compounds or compounds with alkyl or halogen substituents at any possible position of the aromatic ring (Table 1). First artificial majority

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