• June 24, 2022
how to make brown color

how to make brown color

Brown is one of the most common colors we see around us. It is a symbol of physical beauty and warmth. It is often associated with mildew and snowstorms. We see it everywhere: from the tree, the ground and the weather to the color of a person’s hair and eyes. some foods are brown too. Many people see it as the color of form, compatibility, reliability, prevention and treatment. There are many different shades of brown, such as light brown or dark, that can be achieved by mixing different colors. Let’s learn to make brown!

how to make brown color
how to make brown color

Which colors turn brown?

There are three types of colors that can turn brown:

  • First letters.
  • Secondary colors.
  • Some colors.

Brown can be obtained by mixing different colors on a wheel from red to yellow. One of the simplest tricks to create brown is to add the first two colors such as red and the green or the first two colors, for example blue with a second orange that turns brown. Thus, you can also set the color intensity because some colors extinguish each other out and reduce or decrease each other’s brightness and intensity. In addition, it is easy enough to get brown by mixing different colors, but it requires hard work and perfection to get the right shade.

Let’s make brown

It is simple and easy to make brown by combining only two colors. To get the desired color palette, however, you need to understand the basic color scheme. The following description contains pictures to tell you which two colors are brown:

When we combine red with blue, they turn purple
By mixing blue and yellow, they turn green
The combination of yellow and red turns orange
As a result, purple, green, and orange are the second colors.
Now, to get brown from the two colors, mix one second color with the addition of the first color. This means that when you mix purple and yellow, green and red, orange and blue, you turn brown:

Purple + yellow = brown
Green + red = brown
Orange + blue = brown

To create a lighter shade, use a clean white to make the necessary adjustments.

Let’s make it dark

A darker effect can be created by adding black or purple. This creates a chocolate brown color. if someone uses red, yellow and blue, they can add red and blue over yellow. For a darker tone, it will be best to combine red with ultramarine blue or black.

Many experts recommend that if someone adds black or purple to get a darker shade, they should understand the difference between the effects of adding all the colors. For example, increasing the black will make the look easier. This will give the mixture a lighter color than purple.

Advice to experts

If you want to paint the bark of trees, bricks or wood in the sunlight, or paint the glow of old wood, these original colors can be used to get a reddish-black-brown hue, more or less by using White.

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