• August 17, 2022
4G Solar Camera

How to install wireless 4G CCTV solar camera

Are you looking to set up security cameras, but wiring, setup, and system maintenance have proven to be a massive hassle? The new CCTV camera eliminates all of your problems and allows faster installation. It is easy to install within 5 minutes.

It has an efficient system that allows the camera to be powered by solar panels and is charged throughout the day. It is also possible to use batteries for the camera when shadowed by the sun. So, you don’t need to rely on any power source or meters of cable, which are difficult to keep in check.

4G Solar Camera, Wireless CCTV Camera

You can set up a single camera or the entire set in any location on your property, even in remote areas. You can also view the live footage from your smartphone anytime. The camera is made such that it can be connected to a 4G internet connection to give you access to the live footage at all times. Utilizing the latest technology, these cameras are highly effective in deterring crimes such as robbery or assaults, trespassing, etc., while also providing important footage that you can count on in the event of any mishap. These cameras can be installed on any property, including estates, farms, schools, and other buildings. They are equipped with solar panels, motion detectors, cloud storage, and Internet connectivity. The cameras are the perfect security partner that lets you relax your mind.

It can tilt up to 120 degrees and rotate 355 degrees, which allows for more excellent coverage. It can deliver a quality, vivid color picture even in low light. It permits 247 surveillance with no energy consumption. It also comes with 8W power, 177mm267mm, and a solar panel that can operate from 30° to 60° and has a >91% power outlet conversion rate.

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