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Ecommerce – Enter the world of sales online!

Ecommerce – In this digital world conversations with other people are not just efficient when you have brilliant ideas and the best and correct content, but having the tools and the most advanced technology to spread and inspire them.


ETAZ is a group of people, made solely of Senior and Specialized people:

It has hundreds of Projects and Creations behind it .

Technicians or students with some years of experience and a few years of experience, could be involved in your .

In our , only Qualified figure along with Expert Engineers are accepted. Make sure you choose the best and demonstrated professionalism to complete your ambitious projects .

Meet customers on the internet


Create the perfect launch for Your Business.Make yourself noticeable in the world

Realization of Professional E-Commerce designed for small entrepreneurs and medium-sized Enterprises

If you’re an organization or producer of any product or service in the present world.

The availability (and more importantly, a store which is open 24 hours a day) on the Web and the development of a credible online sales portal is important.

Perhaps because you wish to increase the sales of your business to a new level, or to give the necessary boost to your Brand and brand in the market.

Since the Digital Revolution underway, being present in the world of Automated Commerce on the Net has become of Fundamental importance.

Today an automated sales platform on the Web is essentially allowing you to sell anything you want – via an online store.

* Always in operation, with extremely minimal management costs compared with the existing physical reality – and completely automated .


While every project and the implementation requires a unique structure and flexibility technique – for its development in line with complete customer needs to meet the needs of the customer – Web Art Solutions has today developed.

and designed some unmissable options as well as standard packages for the growing demand of clientele.

Always looking for the perfect and cutting-edge solution.

From the beginning to the moment of implementation. Our Creative Reality , now internationally recognized.

Is the most trusted department of excellence in which applications, websites and different internet-based communication platforms are designed.

* Both as regards the design and development of the graphics professional, and for the high-quality creation of your website and the sales branding.

Every one of the Engineered Achievements of our Professional * choice are Engineered and Designed in Deep-SEO , a method of maximizing results in Search Engines.

Every one of our works following delivery, will be returned to the purchaser also in file format. With hosting credentials that are related and related details.

* On average, the expense of hosting an e-commerce can range from 15 to 60 euros per month.

Based upon the tariff plans published by the services that are not part of ETAZ and involved in the domain. The reserved space is in the case of Security along with the Gateways of translations for payments.


How Do We Proceed in ETAZ

The Steps to Avoid E-Commerce Implementation

We’ll request and find your company information. Specifications, Products, Sectors, in the market.

This will be supplied via you to us (and also extrapolated from the system for your industry) at the time of signing the contract;

We guide you to purchase the web hosting you’ve decided to use on the most suitable hosting service, or in any way that’s suited to your needs (so that the automatic renewal or email on an annual or multi-annual schedule is established in your email account);

We enhance the web-based solutions we create for you and for you by combining graphics and styles of outstanding visual impact, using the latest technology as well as highly professional and advanced software applications.

We provide you with a variety of methods to help you determine the best results (SEO as well as SERP) for your needs and business expectations and then we create your site to be customized or modeled;

The construction begins and build the design of the site according to;

Giving the right priority to the user experience and the architecture of your site (advanced sitemap.xml-robots.txt) and design; to be easily identifiable and web-friendly, according to the necessary programming metrics and tricks and deep- for Search Engines;

We code the code according to the best software conventions and currently W3C: CSS 3.0 HTML 5 Custom Software, as well as other (images and text) for .

We run rigorous performance tests on the loading time as well as usability and satisfaction (the website is refined with every aspect to guarantee the highest quality of performance) of the visitors. We deliver the completed project, perfectly integrated and functioning to the customer.


Working directly in synergy with Google’s analytical and SEO metrics. All you have to do is to download the relevant IOS / Android (or Desktop application, and then start monitoring all the indicators and the performance of the site directly from your computer tablet , or smartphone.

What will you gain by entrusting your E-commerce project at ETAZ :

Optimization of conversion based on neurons and persuasive science. Creative graphics and ideas for communication designed to reflect your brand’s image.

Realization of this project that is focused on user experience of browsing, thanks to experiments conducted with particular AI ( Artificial Intelligence ). Deep is a search engine for Google and other major search engines.

Questions and answers

1. What’s the rate of success for my online store?

Do I need to estimate the budget for advertising each month?

We believe that e-commerce that is looking to compete globally or nationally requires study and an elaborate and optimized design that is optimized for conversion


lso thanks to the added value of the neu marketing technology we use in the process.

Therefore, we create completely tailored (customized) models that meet the needs of specific customers and their target markets; and we code them programmatically so that they can perform optimally (preventive evaluation of the development of e-commerce) .

We adopt a mobile-first method. In a sense the template is created from the mobile version, thus the responsive management of on the desktop.

Development of responsive e-commerce is adaptable and a process whereby the specific UX of the mobile device is researched and a unique template is developed that in comparison to the desktop version, can have more or fewer elements and can optimize speed. Especially in terms of user experience.

It is widely known that the advertising budget for the month is usually the most important thing to consider.

But with our integrated Deep-SEO (over time), it will be the added value which will help the portal increase exponentially naturally in a organic and natural manner.

We believe that any e-commerce business which wants to be competitive globally or nationally requires extensive the most thorough and optimized design to maximize conversion, also thanks to the added value of the neu ro-marketing technology that we use to our project.

So, we develop completely tailor-made (customized) models to meet the specific needs of customers and their market segments; and we write them programmatically to ensure maximum performance (preventive evaluation of the development of e-commerce) .

The approach we employ is mobile-first. In a sense the template is created for mobile devices, thus the responsiveness to our desktop counterpart.


Responsive e-commerce development is adaptive as the user experience of mobile devices is analyzed and a new template is created that can be different to the desktop counterpart, can contain more or fewer components and optimize speed. Particularly, in terms of user experience.

It is well known that the budget of advertising for the month is generally of paramount importance.

But with our integrated Deep Search (over time) It will provide the additional value which will help the portal expand exponentially and naturally in an organic way.

2. Alongside in addition to the Technical P art , do you also consider the facets of launching and promoting E-commerce?

What are the services you provide in the area of internet marketing?

Web offers as long as E-Commerce has been created, an exclusive and complete service. Additionally, for all aspects related to web marketing and advertisements in Social channels: Known and Famous.

ETAZ Web, interfaced with multiple partnerships and international agencies, operating both in the market for digital products and the administration of social media advertisements at the highest levels.

can certainly help you to improve your Web and brand’s presence in a rapid manner.
Once a Social or Google campaign plan is approved with you and our top experts on technology and expertise from our agency, we commence with the monthly consultation and then we make the necessary interventions.

On the days, weekly or monthly sessions we dedicate to the client’s eCommerce project, the services are performed in accordance with what is stipulated within the contractual marketing strategy and are outlined inthe following areas: SEO optimization


interventions on a pre-planned and agreed basis. It is dependent on whether you decide to purchase either a half-yearly, quarterly or annual SEO plan) and – Research of an editorial plan for social and blog sites – as well as the creation of extremely high DA backlinks in addition to the definition of promotions and strategies during specific days and times throughout the year.

– advertising campaigns are available on Google Adwords and Google Shopping, Taboola or on the most appropriate social networks

An in-depth analysis of the data collected by the different channels of acquisition in order to optimize existing and future conversions.

* You will be continuously kept up to date with monthly updates regarding the activities that have been completed. And you will be able to verify what’s been implemented in accordance with the agreed upon procedures at any time.

Naturally, periodic updates will be made on the campaigns’ creations or the actual campaigns – once they are as they progress.

The web marketing formula of is very flexible and does not have constraints.


We believe that if we work professionallyand bringing about results for online commerce over time, that the entrepreneur will be the first one to consider staying within our organization, and therefore we do not foresee contractual obligations in this regard.

To learn more about our plans to charge for SEO, social campaign management, or Google Ads, and more, get in touch with our experts. *

* But, this is an additional service offered by the E-Commerce development – at the Customer’s free choice.

3. If I have an E-Commerce and would like to do it again New, do I have to create all the products myself again?

Don’t worry.

It will surely be more effective. In ETAZ Web and in our Engineering and Graphics , we will get all the required information directly from there, without having to contact you several times to inquire about the specifics regarding the subject.

We will then proceed with the evaluation of the information to be imported in a separate manner and will then develop the process on our own.

At present, on ETAZ Web, we have brought in thousands and tens of thousands of images, products, domain descriptions etc, so there’s no problem.


4. Is it costly to introduce new features to the E-Commerce platform in ETAZ?

Absolutely no .

If you decide to rely on us as well as any changes, we provide an almost very cheap and standard fee.

If you’re on the other side you’d prefer to handle it yourself, we will directly give you the plug-in that is integrated into the site , so you can go by yourself to make the modifications you’d like to make. ETAZ Web allows you to expand the functionality of e-commerce via plug-ins on the site of the plug-in used.

So changing product photos etc such as in E-Commerce is incredibly easy and within everyone’s reach.


If you agree After your approval, the add-on will be installed to be configured, tested and installed in the stage version of the site and once you have confirmed your acceptance it will be made functional on the site. Our Add-Ons will always be custom and fully integrated.

To ensure that the visitors to your website have the best user experience. SEO and User Experience will definitely lead to the best possible results.

We use extremely versatile plugins.

The best in the market.

Each slot or box created will also include “Social-Share” buttons for fast sharing across the main social networks.

5. I have a small business. I’d like to start selling my products locally. Do you have any suggestions?

Of course you do.


The careful design, the optimized conversion, e-commerce design based on well-designed and fully customized templates to guarantee high-quality performance. advanced features we anticipate, will help you not only be competitive locally.

Also across the nation also on international marketplaces .

Do you have any other questions? Check out the FAQs on the main page of the site By Clicking the link below.*

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