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Conveyancing can be costly and fees can vary considerably between solicitors. However, we aim to make this procedure as cost-effective, easy and as easy as we can, instantly providing you with the best price quote that we can get you right away. If you’re planning to sell, buy or remortgage your home in Cardiff, we will offer you our No Move No Fee guarantee.

Cardiff Conveyancing Quotes – No Move No Fee Policy

It’s likely that you only buy a house one time in your lifetime However, at Conveyancing cardiff we have decades of experience. Get a quick online conveyancing quote direct from a UK licensed solicitor or conveyancer situated in or close to Cardiff. Enter a few details about your property move and let our team help you through the process by making it easy, straightforward and simple to comprehend.

Just select the quote you’d like us to use for, fill a simple questionnaire and we’ll be back in touch with you in the shortest time possible!

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What is Conveyancing

In case you’re not sure, which is totally understandable because it’s a complicated process, Conveyancing refers to the formal transfer of a land from one owner to another. This involves a conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancerswho act on behalf of the purchaser they ensure that they receive the title deeds of the house as well as the land it is situated on. Conveyancing outlines the formal and administrative requirements to make sure a purchase is legally valid.

1. Initial Agreement

The first step is to find a solicitor/conveyancer and instruct them to carry out the process of transferring ownership of the property from seller to buyer.

Following this, the designated conveyancer will create an agreement draft with the price agreed upon, as well as the transaction details. The Estate Agent/seller can arrange this Energy Performance certificate buzziz.

The Seller then has to complete and submit the “Property Information” and “Fittings and Contents” forms and forward them to solicitor of the buyer in conjunction with the contract.

Now , the solicitor of the Seller has to draft and mail the contract to the Buyer’s solicitor along with the specifics of the title to the property and all important documents comprised in the document. The solicitor for the Buyer can ask questions about the documents.

An application to the Mortgage Company will be needed when the Buyer is willing to receive a mortgage that must be approved before he’s able to exchange contracts. The Buyer needs to have their agreement on a financing arrangement prior to the exchange.

When a Buyer purchases the property, he must obtain an appraisal of the property prior to exchanging contracts. This is usually done by the Mortgage Company.

The Buyer’s solicitors will execute the required Searches (Local or Water Searches …). The type of search will depend on the kind of property that they bought it, its current condition and the situation.

If there are more than one transaction (what’s known as a “chain of transactions”) The same process is carried out for every one of the transactions. Contracts are not exchanged until all parties have coordinated their finances and everyone else in the chain is ready to do it.

2. Exchange of Contracts

When the above steps are completed and all involved in the transaction or chain of transactions have agreed on a completion date when the solicitors can exchange contracts.

The buyer will now have to pay a deposit (usually 10 percent of the price). If the Buyer is also selling his own property, the money from the sale will be used for the purchase.

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Within 2 to 4 weeks from the exchange of contracts as per the agreement of attorneys and both parties, is the time to complete. The date must be on a weekday and, ideally at the time when both parts move.

The solicitors of the Buyer’s firm will prepare the transfer of the property in the time between the process of exchange as well as the completion of the contracts. The transfer must be ratified by the Seller’s solicitors , and approved by the parties.

If the buyer is seeking a mortgage, their solicitor will send a report on the title to your property Mortgage Company following the precise instructions given by them. They then apply to the Mortgage Advance. Usually, the advance is received within a day of completion.

The Buyer’s solicitor will conduct the final Land Registry and Charges checks and obtain the money required from the Buyer for the completion.

3. Completion

The Buyer’s solicitors send the remainder of the purchase cash via Telegraphic Transfer to the Seller’s solicitors. The parties have to wait for the monies to be accepted by the solicitor’s bank in case there is a chain of transactions.

Once the Seller’s solicitor has received the purchase cash when he has received the purchase money, he will release the keythat is held at the disposal of the estate agents.

The solicitors of the Seller will forward an official transfer to the solicitors of the buyer, and these to the Buyer in addition to any other documentation related to the property.

The solicitors of the Seller’s solicitors will lend any mortgage/s it has to the Seller.

The solicitors for the Buyer’s solicitors will transmit the stamp duties as well as the Land Transaction Returns for the property to Inland Revenue.

The Buyer’s solicitors are required to receive the document from Inland Revenue. Inland Revenue and register the title of the buyer at the Land Registry.

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