• May 25, 2022
Clear Labels

Clear Labels

Clear Labels

Order printable clear labels or professional clear label printing in minutes. Clear waterproof films are offered in a matte or glossy finish, as well as flexible film suitable for squeeze bottles. Print on your own or let us print it for you.

Get a no-label look with custom or blank clear labels

Clear printable sheet labels or professionally printed clear labels on rolls or sheets within minutes. Laserplus clear label options are available for all purposes.

Clear label printing and sticker printing that is this good is difficult to find. Our clear labels are composed of a strong, waterproof film with matte or glossy finishes. This is a great material for those who wish to preserve the appearance of labels. It’s also great for products such as soaps, lotions as well as moisturizers, body wash products, and other products that contain oil as a component. It’s also useful to chill beverages like beers, juices, and many other items. You can have professional clear label printing or use blank labels to enable you to make clear stickers on your own. laserplus has a variety of ways to make and purchase personalized clear labels.

Professional clear label printing that lets products shine

Laserplus WePrint, our professional printing service, allows clear label printing exactly how you want it. They are perfect for larger orders, or for custom printed labels for sheets or rolls. Our premium labels are printed with top-of-the-line digital printers. There aren’t any additional costs for plates or setup and if you require any custom-designed size, it’s no problem. No extra charge can be made for the dimensions of the clear labels you require.

The clear film can be purchased with a clear PET liner. Clear film liners can be used in the high-speed automation of labeling. They are far more reliable than paper liners and minimize the risk of breaking. The clear liner we offer is also thinner than paper, so you can have more labels on a roll to reduce the number of roll shifts during labeling runs.

Clear labels are created from the sturdy film with a durable adhesive that is able to stay stuck. The material is water-resistant and is resistant to sun, oil, abrasions, and other external factors. It can also be used in the microwave and freezer. It’s also possible to purchase our clear film as the squeezable form for oddly shaped containers and squeeze bottles. Perfect for hair products, lotions products, and many other uses.

Labels that are clear to print when you need them

If you’re in need of clear labels right now or just need a smaller quantity of label sheets, our printable labels can be the solution. Our printable labels are sold on a sheet of more than 3,100 material shapes, sizes, and shape combinations. You can order your labels on the internet and personalize them using our templates. Then, print your stickers on your own using an inkjet printer or laser printer.

The clear labels we print are constructed from a sturdy waterproof material that is also resistant to sun, oil, and scratches. They look stunning on glass bottles, jars, as well as other containers. They are ideal for branding products in jars such as lotions, candles, and essential oils. They are also great for decorating wedding favors, designing labels for invitations with addresses, personalizing party favors and so many more. The right clear printable label for you project in a variety of dimensions and shapes.

You can personalize and order clear labels online.

Clear labels can be customized using our professional designs or upload your artwork or logo to showcase what’s inside your containers. You can choose from one of our templates or upload your own logo and data.

Order your labels online, then print them using an inkjet printer or laser printer. We can also provide transparent label color printing for your order with delivery within three days. Laserplus can provide transparent labels to any type of container, including plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic bottles tubes, plastic containers, tubes, and bottles made of plastic. When you’re all done and your labels are complete ensure that you’ve applied your labels properly.

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