• June 25, 2022


Buy JHW-210 Online

Buy JWH-210 online. JWH-210 is a drug of the naphthoylindole family and is a potent agonist of CB1 and CB2 receptors, with baseline values ​​of 0.46 nM for CB1 and 0.69 nM for CB2. It is one of the most potent 4-substituted naphthyl derivatives in the naphthoylindole chain,

and has a lower stability bond (ie, less key) on CB1 than its 4-methyl and 4-n-propyl congeners JWH-122 (CB1 Ki 0, 69 nM) and JWH-182 (CB1 Ki 0.65 nM), respectively,

and in place of 4-methoxy compound JWH-081 (CB1 Ki 1.2 nM). [2] He was found named John W. Hoffman.

Buy JWH-210 online because it can infect animals when given in large doses.

Buy JWH-210 online legal status

In our state, all CB1 agonists are of the 3-(1-naphthyl) indole class, such as JWH-210, which is controlled by type I.

JWH-210 and JWH-122 were banned in Sweden on October 1, 2010, due to their hazardous and non-toxic properties, when they were identified as ingredients in industrial hemp. [5][6] The Swedish government has classified JWH-210, JWH-122 and JWH-203 as illegal drugs since September 1, 2011.

As of October 2015, JWH-210 is a regulated drug in China.

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